Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Met Gala 2014

For any person that is interested in fashion they would know that recently it was the Annual Met Gala hosted by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. The theme for the Gala changed every year and this year was simply Black Tie meaning any females could simply wear a gorgeous gown. I have picked my favourite 5 looks from the evening. I loved loads of the other dresses but these 5 were my favourite for different reasons. 

(L-R: Emma Stone, Olivia Munn, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Joan Smalls & Kendall Jenner)

Four out of the five dresses picked here are generally quite simple and just a block colour which I think always works best when picking an outfit for a formal event, don't over complicate the outfit with a mass of colour and accessories, just keep it simple. 

I love when celebrities take a risk with block colour instead of opting for just a black dress, like Emma Stone and Olivia Munn who I think both look absolutely gorgeous. The colours there wearing compliment their skin tones so well and they keep the outfit simple making it a success. Both of them flashed the flesh a little but not too much that it became slutty etc, they stuck by the rule of 'If you're showing your chest, you cover your legs and if you're showing your legs, you cover your chest' that rule never fails.

Joan Smalls and Kendall Jenner both opted for neutral tones again which worked really well for them, they let the dress carry itself, it wasn't over loaded with accessories or a busy design and print, it was simple and that's why they both look beautiful.

Finally is Rosie Huntington-Whitely who looked like a sexy bomb in Balmain. The dress she wore would never really appeal to me but she made it work so well, with the gold hoops that complimented the dress so well and the gold detailing on the shoes, the whole outfit worked. With simple hair and make up she looked flawless. Also rumour had it that Kim K was also going to be wearing the same style Balmain dress. Even if she did Rosie would have swept the floor with her.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Student Lockin

Here in Manchester whenever student loan day comes in The Arndale Shopping Centre in town has a student lockin. This is when nearly every shop will have discounts or offer free products with certain purchases. The most common thing you'll find will be 20% in most stores which is fabulous! So I thought I would share with you the purchases I made during the lockin.

I also purchased a plain white tee from New Look which would have cost me £8.99 but got it for £7.19 and a denim jacket from Primark, which sadly wasn't discounted but I got it for £12 which is still blooming marvellous!

Make Out Tee (ASOS were offering 25% off when I bought this)

Altogether I was happy with my spring purchases that will help me move on into summer whilst saving me lots of money.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Powder Pink Nails

Thought I would go with the current pastel trend and go for a candy floss pink colour on my nails. It's such a cute colour I'll probably continue with this colour on my nails for quite some time. I intend on buying some more pastel tones, so if anyone knows any cute lilac's or pale greens and yellows out there at the minute please do tell me! 

Bought in Boots.
Rimmel London Kate - 06 (Colour)

Monday, 24 March 2014


Today I ventured into to town to tackle the massive Primark we have here in Manchester. I soon realised that going into Primark on a Monday morning was the perfect time to shop. It wasn't busy, everything had been restocked and clothes weren't all over the floor and in places they shouldn't be. I was in the shopping zone. Spending roughly 45 minutes in Primark I managed a rather big haul and bought some lovely goodies. Primark is really great at the moment for those Spring/Summer colours and patterns such as the pastels and gingham print. If you want anything like that at a bargain price then Primark is definitely the place to go to!

As you can see I bought various items including a giant bunny onesie (which I'm currently wearing) it happens to be the comfiest thing ever.

The first thing I bought were these two lovely oversized shirts. I saw a lady with the floral one a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't be bothered to search high and low around the store to try and find it. Found it today and managed to try it on and its lovely. The floral print is so ready for Spring and with the colours it makes the shirt wearable with nearly everything.

As soon as I saw this pink gingham shirt that's it, it was game over for my bank balance. So cute, so on trend, everything you could ever want in a shirt. Trying it on was like releasing my inner country Barbie, words can't describe how much I love this shirt. Also it does come in a pale blue check if you're not a fan of pink, and the blue one is just as cute.

Floral Shirt - £12
Pink Gingham Shirt - £12

The shoe department within this Primark is absolutely massive, it must stock every pair of shoe Primark are currently selling, even the slipper section is huge. I had seen the orange (they are orange, not red) pair a couple of weeks before and I made the horrific mistake of not buying them as I thought I didn't need them - don't ever tell yourself you don't need shoes. I then went back to London for a few days and realised that yes, I did need them. Went to my local Primarks, they didn't have them. Went to Manchester Primark yesterday, they didn't have my size but luckily they had been restocked overnight and I nabbed them today. They're so similar to a pair Zara did a while back with the colour and design but obviously half the price. Absolute must. The colour is prefect and I love them.

When I saw they also made them in lilac, I made sure not to make the same mistake as before, so I grabbed myself a lilac pair as well. These are so on trend with the pastel colour and will give any look the finishing touch.

The same design also come in black and electric blue.

Each pair - £12

I am such a self confessed onesie hoarder. Totalling now at about 5 onesies I just couldn't help myself but buy this bunny one. Its pale pink, fluffy, has a hood with ears and a little bunny tail, I found myself squealing just simply looking at it. 

Again squealing at pyjamas, I was lusting over these care bear pj's. I never actually had a care bear so I thought that was the perfect excuse to buy these pj's, so I could have some care bear loving.

Bunny Onesie - £13
Care Bear Pj's - £8

Finally, maybe my favourite thing I bought, was this floral lightweight bomber jacket. I had been looking for a bomber jacket for quite some time but none had really caught my eye. Saw this in Primark and loved it. With a silky feel and great print with great colour, I knew I had to buy it straight away. Such a bargain.

Bomber Jacket - £15

I also bought some sassy undies, but you don't want to see them.

Well that was my Primark Haul, I hope to be retuning soon to Primani and hunting for some bargains cause they've got some great ones at the moment. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spring Talons

As it was raining here in Manchester today I thought I would try and brighten up my day by giving my nails a new coat of colour. 

I started simply by shaping and filing my nails then adding a base coat. I used the OPI Natural Base Coat. 

The colour which I used is called 'Red My Fortune Cookie' it's not your full red colour, there are hints of pink mixed in which I think gives it a really nice spring/summer feel which is definitely needed.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Platform Envy.

I need each pair of these shoes. When it comes to a heel of any sort it has to have a platform. I've happened to fall head over heels for the powder pink platform boots from River Island on ASOS which are just so cute and girly but with a toughed up edge to them which suits my style perfectly. 

The white crochet strappy heels from New Look are a must for your summer wardrobe with the cork like heel making them super wearable with denim shorts or a cute little dress on a night out.

I shall definitely be splurging on these shoes soon 100%.
(Links below, from clockwise)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


omg I've been very naughty but I had to do it.

What more is there to say really.